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Earnings Boost Areas

See your Earnings Boost highlighted on the map whenever you're online

Hỗ trợ Uber

Update your Earning Boosts everyday:
The system daily will show up the Areas and the Guarantee Amount levels for you. And these may be different between the other drivers.


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Promotions Hub

Scroll through the hub to see your Earnings Boosts for the week.

Know the boost Amount levels received upon completion trips

By checking historical trips you can immediately see the surge Amount levels for each trip

How do drivers receive the boost guaranteed fares.

You just need to drive in the Earnings Boost  and Real Time Guarantee have been informed to receive Hexcentives.

For examples: You make a trip of 5 kilometers in 20 minutes, in the Area has the Surge Amount level at 1.5x and you will receive:

As seen on the trip above :

  • Rider will pays: 48.500d

  • Boost fare  : 72 750 - 48.500d = 24.250d.

  • Actual fare: 14.400d> 7,000d

Is there anything special between Earning Boosts and the last Incentive?

Real-Time Receipts

No more waiting. You’ll see your Earnings Boost in every trip receipt.

Higher fare
when you drive in the Real Time Surge Guarantees, the actual fare is higher than the basic.

Non-required conditions

Drivers can receive the Guarantee Amount in the Real Time Surge Guarantee without conditions as the last Incentive.


1/How’s difference between the real surge-charge when there are crowded rider and Uber's guaranteedamount on the app?

In app, the earning boosts will be localized a red border with a red box that attached the Guarantee Amount levels. The real surge guarantee areas of crowded customers will be highlighted all areas with white numbers (illustrating image).

2/ How does the application show up on the cash-trip fare?
On the cash-trip, the actual money on the green screen will show up how much you need to collect from customers. In order to see Uber' Hexcentives, you can check in the trip history after that trip.

3/ Is the guaranteed difference too much among areas in Ho Chi Minh City?

Uber will have the appropriate adjustment to prevent from the big guaranteed difference among areas. Thus, you no need to worry about having a number of vehicles when there is high guarantee in the same area.



If you deliberately fraudulent one of above incentive programs in any weeks (booking yourself or driver colluding with rider for booking virtual trips, split trips, specially cheating referral code...). In addition to permanently ban account, Uber will retain the full amount of incentive that week. Therefore, permanent banned account is similar as terminate permanently cooperating with Uber (for all types of Uber Moto, Uber X, Uber Black, etc)